Energy Used in Making PFB Products vs. Energy Saved by Consumers

The energy savings potential from using PFB’s insulating products over the expected lifetime of those products (assumed to be 50 years) exceeds the amount of energy consumed in the manufacturing process by a ratio of approximately 120:1.

(1) Estimated energy savings due to the installation of PFB foam insulation products per unit mass. Estimates based on data in “Energy and Greenhouse Gas Savings for EPS Foam Insulation Applied to Exterior Walls of Single Family Residential Housing In The U.S. and Canada”, Franklin Associates Ltd. February 2009. Energy savings based on reduction in heating when insulation installed as per assumptions in the Franklin report. Note that other insulation materials will provide equivalent reduction in energy and GHG savings if installed to the same level of thermal performance.

(2) Production energy includes embodied energy in raw materials as per “Energy and Environmental Profile of the US Chemical Industry” (May 2000 by Energetics Inc. for US Department of Energy) and direct production energy to manufacture in process raw materials and finished products.

Direct Energy

We measure and monitor the total amount of electricity and natural gas consumed by our operations. Energy usage decreased slightly in 2016 compared to the previous year. PFB will continue to analyze the details of our energy consumption in an effort to identify potential efficiency improvements and energy reduction projects in order to maintain or improve our usage in line with fluctuating production output levels.

Water Consumption

Water consumption was relatively unchanged in 2016 over the previous year. Previous process and equipment improvements implemented in 2009/2010 improved the efficiency of water usage. In 2016, new studies and projects are planned to reduce water consumption further.

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