Goal Zero
PFB’s mission is GOAL:ZERO and we hold Safety as a core value. GOAL:ZERO means relentlessly pursuing no harm to our employees and preventing safety incidents by focusing on the way we think, the way we act and ultimately the way we are.
See it. Own it. Make it Safer.
Our objective is to establish a sustainable safety culture by encouraging all employees to be active in our safety program and take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others. PFB’s call to action and challenge to all our employees continues to be “See It · Own It · Make It Safer”.
"Improving our Safety Cultures starts by first changing the way we think, then changing the way we act and ultimately changing the way we are. Our goal is clear, everyone home safe at the end of each and every day. The journey is never ending as we continue to challenge every employee to 'See it - Own it - Make it Safer'."
Robert Graham
Chief Executive Officer, PFB

Our Safety Commitment

At PFB we are making safety a fundamental part of everything we do. Our employees are required to take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others. Our call to action is “See It · Own It · Make It Safer” and we ask all employees to rise to this challenge. The Safety Coin Challenge is for employees to recognize an unsafe situation and be willing to help make it safer. PFB awards employees who have been identified as safety leaders by presenting them with a Safety Coin. The Safety Coin is awarded in recognition for meeting this Challenge and as a daily reminder of what it stands for. Employees who earn a Safety Coin carry it with pride and as a reminder to work safe every day.
Safety Coin
Stop Think Act

In 2020 PFB introduced our STOP • THINK • ACT campaign to renew our focus and reenergize our safety program. The STOP • THINK • ACT program is focused on changing everyone’s behavior so that we all approach every task or job with a safe attitude. The foundation of this approach is to pause for a moment to assess the situation and ensure the job can be done safely without harm to themselves or others around them.

The basic premise of the approach is to STOP, long enough to think about what you are about to do. STOP anytime you are about to do a task where someone could be hurt, property could be damaged or conditions have changed. Take a detailed look at the work site and surrounding area. Identify any hazards or potential hazards. Take pause and THINK; assess the hazards and how they can be eliminated or controlled, how you are going to complete the task and whether you are trained to complete the task safely. Finally, ACT, take action to make it safe if hazards are present; resolve, remove or control all hazards and then proceed with the task using safe work practices and procedures.

Stop Think Act Coin

Health and Safety Performance

Occupational Health and Safety is of paramount importance at PFB Corporation. Starting in 2016 and continuing through 2023 a significant effort was made to introduce several new safety initiatives to reduce our injury rates and severity. However, in 2023 PFB experienced a significant rise in injury rates. We have begun to realize that more work is needed to embody a culture of safety.

LTIF (Lost Time Injury Frequency)

Over the past several years, significant effort was made to implement safety initiatives in line with our GOAL:ZERO objectives targeting a reduction of our injury rates and severity. In 2020 the PFB Safety Task Force 2.0 introduced a new safety campaign, STOP • THINK • ACT to support the broader GOAL:ZERO program, which encourages employees to pause and take the time to control or eliminate hazards. Every safety program needs fresh ideas and initiatives to avoid getting stale and to continue engaging employees. In 2024 we will be focused on revitalizing our safety program and engaging with all staff to improve our safety culture.

Severity Rating

Severity, number of lost days per 100 employees per year, decreased significantly from 2016 to 2019 as we reduced the number and seriousness of lost time accidents. However, from 2021 to 2023 we experienced an increase in lost time injuries which drove severity rating upwards. These injury cases continued to increase the number of lost days as injured workers recovered and returned to work. The rise in severity rating is recognized as a serious issue and we continue to work on new initiatives to bring this performance indicator back to the levels we experienced in 2019.


Health and Safety

Health and Safety Committees comprised of workers and management representatives meet regularly to review results and develop improvements in safe work procedures.

Training Employees

Training employees is a key component in enhancing our future success in delivering our brand promise and generating results aligned with our sustainability focus. We offer competency-based training and development opportunities anchored to individual developmental goals coupled with job profiles, career progression and performance management processes.

PFB is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. PFB meets this commitment by ensuring all employees receive a health and safety orientation and extensive training when they commence their employment and throughout their career to ensure they complete each and every task in a safe and timely manner. Every employee, contractor and visitor to our sites is required to adhere to all PFB safety policies and procedures and OHS regulatory requirements. Everyone at PFB takes safety seriously and is empowered to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.